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Weathering The Storm
The rolling clouds of lightening,
The random bang of thunder,
The pouring rain,
The greys sky,
Never before have I seen such anarchy inside such a small place,
Never before have we witnessed such destructive force,
Never again will we be fearing the darkness,
Never again will the music stop,
Never again will I…
The stars of the sky call out for the peace and the tranquil,
The heavens of the night cry for salvation,
The darkening moon peeping through,
The weakening sun floundering,
The night is upon us.
Does anyone know of its power?
Does anyone know of its majesty?
Does anything listen complacently?
Does the civil mind wonder of the heavens?
Does the world think of one about the mysteries?
The calmness of the after is here.
The calmness of the mind is here.
The calmness of the thought is here.
The eye: peering into my very soul uncovering the very secrets of my mind.
The cloud: Covering my judgement, but not my intent.
The spiral arms: Lashing at me, but I shall not give in.
For I
:iconmaxaxe:maxaxe 3 8
Heartbeat 7
He awoke again, he felt as though he’d been out for hours. ‘Ivan: Physical, Ren, Mental’
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Ren thought to himself and went to sit down. The ‘ceremony’ continued for at least another hour before all new students had been done. ‘Thank you for waiting patiently,’ said the headmaster. ‘Now tomorrow will be the end of the school festival, this room will be the dance floor and I hope all of you will attend. Good day.’ He then walked off the podium and walked out the door. Everyone began talking and they all got up to leave. ‘What was that about!?’ Ren blurted out as he had held in the question for an hour. ‘That’s you main attribute, you’re a mental person, which means that’s what you will be graded on. There are three groups, Physical, Mental and Multi, although there are very few Multis. Physical means you excel in sports and exercise, therefore the lessons will be taught
:iconmaxaxe:maxaxe 0 7
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+That Time+
Is it that time again, Doctor?
We're running out of time.
Are you blind to what's before you?
It is that time again, Doctor.
You've only got two left.
You're dying.
We are crying.
But there is nothing we can do.
The time has come again, Doctor.
Where women scream
And men do yell.
We're falling fast
As the dying fell
How do we fight the time again, Doctor?
You're so great.
But yet so weak.
It's up to us.
We gather meet, and greet.
We're alone in time, Doctor.
Without your gallant lead we fall
The war is just beginning
But as Earth stands
We are so small.
The time is here, Doctor.
We gather our lasts of strengths.
Raise our heads.
For we are the human race.
We will go down fighting.
We are all dead this time, Doctor.
But by the time you awake
It'll all be over.
By the time your eyes do open
The Earth will be calm and sober.
Will you forgive us in time, Doctor?
We let you down.
Yet you were so proud.
Watching us live breathe and grow
We'll love you for all time, Doctor.
We are a mere shad
:iconshestang:SheStang 3 9
Closer to You by swankkat Closer to You :iconswankkat:swankkat 716 93
Obi-Wan is a Prick
"Obi-Wan is a Prick"
by Jay Richard
Look at that. That's just great. I told you that I had the high ground, didn't I? But no, no, you didn't listen. Now look at you. You're, like, Darth Stumpy McStumpstump now. You overachiever -- you couldn't stop with just one missing limb. That would be too easy for you, Sith boy.
You were the Chosen One, you idiot. I mean, Space Jesus, you were supposed to be the salvation of the galaxy.
I had to grade you on a curve just to get you to "Jedi" status. I couldn't flunk our precious little Chosen One, now could I? Do you have any idea how much pressure there was for me to pass you, like you were the school's star quarterback? It was just like that, except instead of the school's head coach pressuring me it was a green midget with a grammar problem. You have no idea how humiliating that is. Yoda has been talking down to me for longer than you've been alive, and it just gets worse over time. Trust me on that.
And the whole thing about you destroying the
:iconstarchild6891:starchild6891 73 43
Extend your mind by zaphiel-san Extend your mind :iconzaphiel-san:zaphiel-san 262 114



Artist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Film maker who likes to pretend she is an artist. Shh, don't tell anyone.
I've missed Deviantart! Think it's time to get back into it after a three-year long dry spell (getting a degree is kind of an excuse.) Plus seeing my tablet in a corner gathering dust is deeply saddening. It's about time I gave it some love.
  • Listening to: Wild Beasts
  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


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Thanks for saying hi at London Expo! :heart:
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Congratz on finishing your exams... not that you actually needed to do them.

Ciao for now

I'm going to boldly go in that direction, now. And I'm not stalking you, I just love deviantART.
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What the QI'yaH do YOU know about Star Trek?

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Your bud, Josh

There are too many emotithings on this thing. I want something that conveys what I can't put into words.
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Why are you stalking me >_>

And FYI I have got very much into Star Trek in the last couple of months. TOS and TNG. I might be a new fan but that shouldn't make me any less of one, hmmm?
Plus you really shouldn't be on the internet at three in the morning, you ought to be well rested for revision.

Your pal, Abigail.
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chaotikku Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2008  Student Digital Artist

Dance my puppet, dance!
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